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Hello lovely!

Welcome to this creative space.

Please have a browse around.

Hey! I’m Beth Sutherland. I’m so pleased to meet you and glad you are taking time to visit here.

I’m an artist and designer, sometimes writer, would-be teacher, Mummy, wife and creative mentor. I’m currently working on a few projects including my own creative work and the Blossom Creatively community and website, which is a creative safe space and program for women seeking to make the most of themselves creatively in life and in work and business.

I live in Glasgow, Scotland. My roots and heart are in Scotland and I try to balance city life, high rises or tenements, with greater depth of field and big west coast skies.

I’m focusing on creative potential. Not just mine, but maybe yours too. It’s a two way street. Take a look around and see some of my work and ideas, see if they strike a chord.

For me the truth of creativity is in the process. It’s what makes the style and outcome come to life. Keep drawing and designing the life you want to lead.

Beth Xx