Colour mixing & theory

I’ve been working on practitioner enquiry during the last term at school, which involved teaching pupils colour theory through a worksheet format, then marking the work and allowing them to consolidate any gaps in knowledge. They then moved on to the visual elements and did a summative multiple choice test on colour theory and the visual elements. The main factor that changed was the extent to which pupils were working in cooperative group, regular groups or individually.

My own exploration of colour theory is a bit more in-depth and it’s still looking at basics like hues, tints, tones and shade by looking at the various combinations of mixes available in a broad palette of oil colours. These are 4 out of 10 colour combinations of reds, blues, greens, yellows and purples. For some reason oranges have been consumed within the other colours, which may be down to personal preference on my part.

Oils are a more unfamiliar medium to me, though I am bridging the comfort gap by also working in oils sticks, which feel more like drawing than painting and I’ve used acrylic and gouache quite a lot in the past.