One thing with teaching BGE only one period a week (rather than two) is that projects can drag on a bit. That’s without considering the compromises and contradictions of BGE preparing pupils for National levels and the difference in playing field at that level when pupils experiences of and time doing Art & Design can vary so much. These are some exemplars from last term where I tend to take photos at various stages to be able to do a step by step for lesson sequences. These are all mid-project.

With teacher exemplars, what I find interesting is the amount of pupils who will try to copy exactly the way something has been executed. Whether that’s actually taking a still life drawing I have done and working on top of it, or wanting to copy and trace exactly the way a flower has been drawn. For simpler lessons, I will sometimes start an exemplar and give it to a less able pupil as a way to be more inclusive and as a way to start them off.

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