Process & Practice

I’ve been considering my planning and production and also creating a rough editorial here of areas and topics I would like to cover, consider and explore through visual practice.  I need to consider the different mediums that I want to combine, which include drawing, painting, photography and video. I also want to give context to my work and consider location or place. I find it easier to work in both virtual or digital contexts as well as physical, handwritten, hand-drawn or painted output. I feel there is a sense of irony and juxtaposition when switching between these types of mediums.

I’m beginning by working in sketchbooks with a smaller sketchbook for notes, ideas and sketches, then a larger sketchbook to consolidate and combine ideas. Contexts might be a day in the life or based on a place or moment. Given that we should make stuff we care about and that the visual process is privileged and prioritised, the context and concept behind any outcomes important.

Statement of Intent

I intend to develop my own creative practice through a combination of reading and research alongside a process of creative enquiry and visual exploration. I have found over time that I have gone back and forth between digital work (video, interactivity, animation and photography) and physical work (drawing, painting, dyeing and textiles) so this is a juxtaposition or contradiction I would like to explore further in terms of mixed media, while considering contemporary technology and its influence on forms of expression and communication. I feel that the distinction between combining traditional media and digital media is or can be made much less distinct and that for children this is something they are growing up comfortably with as a generation. At the same time, I still find myself defaulting back to formal basics of drawing and making things with my hands through tactile and procedural methods.

I am also interested in researching areas of motivation, behaviour and inspiration as they relate to creative enquiry and education. I am curious about the difference between art as a compulsory subject versus art as elective, where this can result in exposure to art & design being privileged, bringing up issues of equity, attainment and social or cultural exposure to art. I feel creative practice is a continuation of perceptual learning regardless of stage of progression or ability and this can be explored through creative output in context of education allowing creative growth to occur. I would like to be able to formalise my own creative practice and work to give it a distinct structure and shape. This is something I have struggled with in the past and I feel the Artist Teacher programme will help me to develop that creative definition and discernment.