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Hello! My name is Beth Sutherland and I’m an artist and teacher living in Glasgow, Scotland with my husband and two primary age daughters, Ella (she took this photo) and Niamh.

If I’m not teaching, painting or taking photos, then I’m usually found reading a good book (whether for research or pleasure). I work as a secondary art teacher in South Lanarkshire. I also work in a role as an art tutor for South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture.

My background is in visual communication, graphic design, digital media design and quality assurance. I'm currently working towards an Artist Teacher MEd.

You can contact me using the contact form below or if you prefer, send an email to art_design@bethsutherland.co.uk.


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Work + Ideas

My roots and heart are in Scotland and I try to balance city life, high rises and tenements, with greater depth of field and big west coast skies. I adore seascapes, beaches and mountain scenes. It’s the depth in perspective and scale that what draws me to these; through photography, sketching and painting. I love the contrast of living in an urban environment, with lots to do, lots of lights and tall buildings. If I go to the coast I begin to miss the city and when I’m in the city, I miss the coast and mountains.

I’m currently working on a few projects including my own creative work and Blossom Creatively, a creative safe space and program for creative individuals seeking to make the most of themselves creatively in life, in work and business.

My focus is on potential and I like to encourage others' potential in a positive way. That’s why I teach. For me the truth of creativity is in the process. It’s what makes style and outcome come to life. I think each of us need to keep drawing and designing the life we want to lead, while being true to ourselves and those around us.


Why I created this website...

Want to paint & draw, but not sure where to start?

I found myself really wanting to paint, draw and explore again through mark making, but I also found myself scared to do so and I didn't quite know where or how to start again. I was feeling overwhelmed and daunted by the art materials that I'd re-accumulated after a hiatus and so I wanted to find out ways I could work around this creative slow down and kickstart things creatively instead.

I am fascinated by theories exploring how we learn and create and am currently working towards an Artist Teacher MEd. I want to explore how  creative motivation can be impacted and encouraged, as an art teacher / tutor and also through my own creative practice.

Creative Realisation

I've spent most of my adult life working in art & design in one form or another. For a long time I used my creativity as a form of self-justification (mastery led motivation). There were things in my life I couldn't control or enjoy due to circumstance, but from a young age I could always fall back and rely on creativity.

Creativity was my friend. It was always there to help me, if I gave it even a small amount of my attention. However, one day I realised that creativity could be much more valuable than that. When you start being creative for the sake of it (intrinsic motivation) everything changes. It's like a fog gets lifted. Your reasons to create change and the joy and satisfaction received means your work becomes so much more than a means to an end, just by tweaking your perceptions and motivations. From that, there is a simplicity and purity that can then come across expressively.

Building Creative Habits

I found that I had to put systems and structures in place and by doing so, I could reach beyond my own sense of fear and look at creating in a procedural and systematic way. When I was inspired I could rely on and relish in creative flow, but otherwise I fall back on process. These creative processes also act as a scaffold that helps to further propagate creative inspiration.

Your Own Creative Practice

The funny thing was, that once I got into the habit of creative practice again, it all began to feel much more natural and I began to recognise how I could duplicate the feelings and sense of wonder that a good creative session brought.

Remove Your Creative Blocks

I also began to recognise where I was sabotaging and what my own personal creative blocks were. I wanted to inspire others creatively too and this website allows me to do so through the work here, but also through methods of creative theory, practice and application.