Hello and welcome to this creative space!

This website is a creative space to explore and express creatively. You can browse and purchase artwork in the shop or purchase and download creative guides, lessons or resources when they are released.

Why create? How to be more Creative?

Sometimes it's hard to hold on to your own creative momentum.

We have our own creative triggers and situations that help us to reach that creative place and get into the flow of creating. We also have our own personal blocks or factors that stunt our creativity. By putting systems in place that help to make us realise what works for us, we can energise and activate ourselves creatively.

When we ask ourselves 'Why we create?' we need to also ask ourselves 'How we create?'.

Creativity is a call to action.

Without action and practice, we can't tap into our own creativity fully.
We have to put pencil to paper, paint to canvas and just get on with it.

When you ask yourself 'Why create?', also ask yourself 'How will I create?' or more importantly, 'What will I create today?', then go and do it.

Do the planning you need to, but get over the blank canvas or blank page syndrome and make your own marks.

Go practice. Go create!

You have a gift to share and you owe it to yourself and to the world.
No one in this world is you, no one sees the world quite like you do or will create and represent it in the same way that you will, or can.